Batman shooter's apartment rigged with 'explosive items'


The gunman arrested for a shooting spree at a showing of the latest Batman movie had booby-trapped his apartment with a "very sophisticated" device.

Lin Gan (20) who was in the theatre where the Batman shooting took place. (Barry Gutierrez, AP)

Following Friday's an attack that left at least 12 moviegoers dead, Denver TV networks and newspapers quoted the chief of police in the town of Aurora as saying the residence was rigged with "inflammable or explosive items".

Live TV images from outside the suspect's apartment showed police perched on a crane peering into a third-floor window of the building.

"We could be here for days," Aurora police chief Dan Oates told the Denver Post.

According to the newspaper, residents of the apartment complex, which is reserved for students, faculty and staff of the medical school at the University of Colorado, and nearby buildings have been evacuated.

Local TV stations identified the suspect as James Holmes (24) and the Post said he was originally from San Diego, California. – AFP

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