How do you keep Google down? You don't

Haji Mohamed Dawjee

Google South Africa was down for all of a few minutes, if you blinked, you missed it. Some didn't though, because they don't blink.

Google South Africa was down for a few minutes on Thursday, (AFP)

Google South Africa was down for a few minutes on Thursday and before we could thrive in the joys of search-engine dependent citizens losing their minds and “Asking Jeeves”, it was back up again.

No we did not imagine it. As proof, two South Africans took to Twitter to acknowledge they had noticed it as well.

@danielbigred from Twitter, turned out to be the fastest fingers in the great Google “Gone for a Second” event:

This was followed by a couple of tweets by @xdoomx:

He even took the time to post a meme.

But to no avail, the tweets fell off the trend band-wagon because Google won’t let South Africans on Twitter be great.

Dear Google, next time give the nation some time to get really riled up. Even if it’s just for funsies. 

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