Mpho Moshe Matheolane

Mpho Moshe Matheolane

Mpho Moshe Matheolane is a Motswana from the little town of Mahikeng. He is a budding academic, researcher and writer with interests in art, history, semiotics and law. He sits on the Constitutional Court Artworks Committee – a clear case of serendipity – and is a firm believer in the power of an informed and active citizenry.

On meeting Teju Cole

Mpho Moshe Matheolane recalls a meeting with the Nigerian-American writer, photographer, and art historian, Teju Cole.

New York: Bicycle city

Mpho Moshe Matheolane wonders if a new bicycle sharing programme launched in New York could work in South Africa.

New York: City existential

While in New York, Mpho Moshe Matheolane ponders what makes a city and how one can find the "simpler times" that such places struggle to offer.

The return of Prof Sobukwe

Mpho Moshe Matheolane interviews Prof Sobukwe about his latest album and what it was like starting out in the industry.

What SA's electorate is made of

The ANC should not go to next year's national elections with the stench of controversial scandals following it, writes Mpho Moshe Matheolane.

On being an 'artist'

True artistry is a rare skill because everyone seems to be wrapped up in "the hustle" nowadays, writes Mpho Moshe Matheolane.

The man behind the DOOM mask

After meeting the renowned hip-hop artist at a hotel bar, Mpho Moshe Matheolane sits down with DOOM to talk about marriage, jazz and writing.

Cadre’s struggle with tragedy

It is not often that one hears the term 'protest theatre' these days, but the production 'Cadre' provides a fitting enough justification for using it.