Stuart Jeffries

Stuart Jeffries

    The once high-tech tool of world leaders and the financial elite has lost its cutting-edge reputation, aspirational appeal and its customers.

    There has been renewed interest in the ideology, particularly among young people in the West, writes Stuart Jeffries.

    How do you turn the July 7 London bombings into a film? Director Rachid Bouchareb tells Stuart Jeffries how it all started.

    As a bookshop chain grows bigger, the more it seems to lose its soul. Stuart Jeffries asks what effect this has on publishing.

    Gabby Sidibe's performance in the acclaimed film, Precious, has made her an unlikely star. But she is nothing like her screen persona.

    One day, Lance Stewart was trying to get out of the tube station in a hurry. "I got off the train and suddenly found myself behind a huge crowd."