Dramat fears for his life

Hawks commander Anwa Dramat is reported to believe he will be assassinated unless he walks away quietly.


It’s not that simple Mr Makhura

We visit areas of Soweto affected by recent unrest to investigate whether it stemmed from xenophobic sentiment or random acts of criminality.


‘Margaret Thatcher was no friend of apartheid'

Former British ambassador to SA in the late 1980s, Lord Robin Renwick, discusses the role the former British prime minister played to end apartheid.


Extraordinary life: Elon Musk

The brain behind SpaceX and Tesla Motors, South African-born entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk is one of the world's most powerful people.


Extraordinary Life: Zapiro

Political cartoonist Zapiro's work is as important as ever following the Charlie Hebdo killings. His life and role in society is discussed.


Zelda la Grange: What Madiba taught me

A year after Madiba's death, his former assistant, Zelda la Grange, shares some of the life lessons she learnt from the The Father of the Nation.


Social media loudmouth: Shaka Sisulu

Outspoken social activist, Shaka Sisulu, has more than 60 000 twitter followers. He shares his tips on how to make social media work for you.

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