Arthur Chaskalson


Petition in defence of Tutu

Staff Reporter

Prominent people have signed a petition in support of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, after he was labelled an anti-Semite for his views on Israel.

Chaskalson backs Constitutional Court

Staff Reporter

Former chief justice Arthur Chaskalson defended his successor, Pius Langa, in a letter on Tuesday, saying Langa has shown "commendable leadership".

My rights versus your beliefs

Dennis Davis: COMMENT, Dennis Davis and Michelle le Roux

The chief rabbi's confident claim of the importance of the newly published Bill of Responsibilities raises the question of the role of religion in the development of our constitutional society. The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, as we shall show, but does religion promote the Constitution, as the rabbi claims?

Bizos and Chaskalson cannot claim to be neutral

Staff Reporter

The Congress of South African Trade Unions has the greatest respect for former Chief Justice Arthur Chaskalson and Mr George Bizos. The two played a valuable role in the struggle for freedom. They made an important contribution to the drafting of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and we fully agree with them that the separation of powers between the judiciary and the executive is an essential cornerstone of our democracy.

Prominent citizens condemn UFS video

Staff Reporter

Dozens of prominent South Africans have signed a statement condemning a racist video that surfaced at the University of the Free State (UFS) last month. The list of 81 signatories includes renowned authors Nadine Gordimer and Andre Brink, journalists John Perlman and Max du Preez, retired judge Arthur Chaskalson and cartoonist Zapiro.

Motshekga on Zuma, fair trials and injustice

Staff Reporter

South Africans need to defend the notion of a fair trial in relation to Jacob Zuma, said African National Congress (ANC) national executive committee member Mathole Motshekga at an ANC party gathering at Polokwane in Limpopo, South African Broadcasting Corporation news reported on Saturday.

Judicial independence under scrutiny

Paul Simao

High-profile criminal cases involving senior South African officials have renewed fears among opposition parties and the legal community that judicial independence may be at risk. President Thabo Mbeki's government has had a testy relationship with the judiciary.

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