Niren Tolsi

Hotstix’s  hug a celebration of survival

The Jazz Expressions concert in level one lockdown was a reaquaintance with friends, music and jazz photography

JSC lets politics trump conscience and excellence

The sense that the commissioners who nominated five candidates for appointment to the Constitutional Court voted for their constituencies, rather than with their conscience, is difficult to shake off.

The darkroom process of Black Photo Libraries

A book of photographers with no photographs highlights the ownership battles black lensmen are still battling

Review: Ghosts that cannot be contained

The short film Container, which straddles virtual reality and fine art installation, provides a visceral re-examination of both historical and late capitalism

Was Judge Koen wrongly accused by the chief justice?

Mogoeng chided for tongue-lashing

Phiyega’s ‘zombie litigation’ to fight Marikana findings costs taxpayers

Nine years later, the government has not finalised damages claims, but has paid millions for Phiyega to contest the scathing findings against her

No justice left behind after the Marikana massacre

Close to a decade after the Marikana massacre, President Cyril Ramaphosa has not visited the survivors as he promised to do, judges have acquitted police officers, children can’t get jobs and lawlessness reigns

KwaZulu-Natal races back to 1949

The past week’s violence and looting – and the potential for an orchestrated race war in the province – have evoked haunting scenes from a bitter and bloody history

Phiyega bid to sidestep Marikana massacre dismissed

Ex-police commissioner Riah Phiyega hoped to quash findings including colluding in a cover-up and misleading the public about what happened at the platinum mine in 2012.

Marikana violence was avoidable, Mahikeng court hears

Testimony about the events of 13 August 2012, when five people died at Marikana, has provided new details of the police’s incompetent handling of the striking mineworker situation.

Ronnie Govender: ‘Unbowed, unbroken. I am of Africa’

The South African activist and man of letters, who died on 29 April 2021, used language as a weapon to defend the marginalised and reflect upon the people, places and culture that defined him

Hope faces off against power in Marikana trial

The family members of mineworkers killed during the Marikana massacre in 2012 have yet to see a police officer held to account, and police testimony thus far appears unclear

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