Goodwill Zwelithini


Aids, law and culture

Pholokgolo Ramothwala

It seems the battle between Aids activists and government on how to move forward in the fight against HIV/Aids is (almost) over. The National Strategic Plan on HIV/Aids is ready for implementation. One of the plan's goals is to "identify and remove legal, policy, religious and cultural barriers to effective HIV prevention, treatment and support". Good thinking! But how, exactly?

Mandela says Zuma can heal the ANC

Staff Reporter

Former president Nelson Mandela has praised Jacob Zuma, the new leader of the African National Congress (ANC), as a man who could unify the divided party. In a message of congratulations, Mandela said: "Our experience of Comrade Zuma is of a person and leader who is inclusive in his approach, a unifier and one who values reconciliation and collective leadership."

Zuma 'will never fail the people'

Staff Reporter

Nothing will stop African National Congress president Jacob Zuma from becoming the next president of South Africa, the party's KwaZulu-Natal secretary Johan Mchunu said on Saturday. He was speaking at a beachfront celebration in Zuma's honour in Durban.