Yasser Arafat


Palestinian businesses look east to China

Wafa Amr

Faced with Israeli trade and travel restrictions, a stagnant economy and a flood of cheap imports from Asia, Palestinian businessmen are increasingly seeking their fortunes in China. Demand for Chinese visas among business owners in the occupied West Bank is so high that the Chinese consul regularly visits the city of Hebron to stamp their passports.

Who is the shortest world leader?

Staff Reporter

Until Monday there was little argument about the holder of the coveted title of shortest leader in the world: at 162cm, or a shade over five feet three inches, Kim Jong-il, supreme commander of the Korean People's Army and Great Leader of the People's Democratic Republic of North Korea, stood head and shoulders below the rest of the field.

Hamas rounds up Fatah activists after Gaza violence

Nidal Al-Mughrabi

Hamas has rounded up scores of Fatah activists in the Gaza Strip following a rally that drew more than 200 000 supporters and ended in gunfire that killed seven people. The assembly on Monday, marking the third anniversary of the death of iconic Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, was the biggest held by President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah group in Gaza.

Gunfire kills six at Fatah rally

Nidal Al-Mughrabi

Gunfire killed at least six people and wounded 80 on Monday at a Fatah memorial rally for Yasser Arafat attended by hundreds of thousands of supporters of the defeated faction in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. The rare Fatah rally broke up in chaos after gunfire rang out.

Report: US plotted to overthrow Hamas

Staff Reporter

The Bush administration, caught out by the rise of Hamas, embarked on a secret project for the armed overthrow of the Islamist government in Gaza, it emerged on Monday. Vanity Fair reports in its April edition that President George Bush signed off on a plan for the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, to remove the Hamas authorities in Gaza.

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