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SA performs world’s first penis transplant

South African doctors announced they had performed the world's first successful penis transplant, three months after the ground-breaking operation.

More than 100 Boko Haram militants killed by forces in Niger

A total of 109 Boko Haram fighters have been killed by soldiers responding to attacks on two towns in Niger near the border with Nigeria.

Whitney Houston’s daughter found unresponsive in bathtub

The only child of Whitney Houston and R&B singer Bobby Brown is receiving care in hospital.

Niger: Anti-Charlie Hebdo protest claim more lives

Charlie Hebdo gunman Cherif Kouachi was buried meanwhile anti-Charlie Hebdo unrest in Niger leaves 10 people dead.

Tunisians to vote in first democratic president

Spurts of violence and extremist-attack threats ahead of Tunisia's first free presidential election after four years of fighting dictatorship.

President Kenyatta signs controversial anti-terror bill amid criticism

a law that promotes censorship and allows authorities to crack down on suspected terrorists, impeding on human rights, set to be passed in Kenya.

SA welcomes US, Cuba diplomatic relations

The South African government hailed normalising diplomatic ties between Cuba and the US, and urged the US to move swiftly in its diplomatic relations.

USA announces ‘historic’ opening with Cuba

The Unites States is about to re-establish diplomatic ties within months. The last three of the Cuban Five are to be released in a prisoner swap.

Hong Kong student leader Joshua Wong calls off hunger strike

But stopping the hunger strike does not mean that government can ignore the students' demands for political reform, Wong said.

South Africans killed in attack on Kabul compound

The South African head of an organisation, his son and daughter, and one Afghan were killed in a Taliban attack on a compound for foreigners in Kabul.

Tanzania parliament votes to sack ministers over corruption

Two cabinet ministers and several other top officials implicated in multi-million dollar energy sector graft scandal must go, say Tanzanian MPs.

Protons are kryptonite to super material graphene

Graphene is impermeable to gases and liquids, but has no defense against protons, a study finds. This could revolutionise fuel cells.

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