Nidal Al-Mughrabi

Israel pulls forces out of Gaza, begins truce with Hamas

​Israel has withdrawn its ground forces out of the Gaza Strip and began a 72-hour truce with Hamas mediated by Egypt.

Israel says Hamas will pay ‘intolerable price’ for more attacks

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said military action would continue even after the army completes destroying cross-border tunnels.

Eid marked by sorrow in the Gaza Strip

As many people around the world celebrated the end of Ramadan, in Gaza Strip - battered by weeks of fighting - the holiday was marked by tears.

Ceasefire takes effect between Israel, Gaza militants

A 12-hour truce is in effect after Israel and Palestinian militant groups in Gaza agreed to a UN request amid efforts to secure a long-term ceasefire.

Israel says meeting heavy resistance within Gaza

Israeli forces say they were met with heavy resistance from Hamas when they pounded multiple sites across the Gaza Strip.

Dozens dead after Israeli attack on Gaza district

Mass casualties have been reported in the Shejaia district in north-east Gaza after an Israeli air strike.

Israel resumes strikes after mooted ceasefire deal

Israel has resumed air strikes on Gaza following Hamas's rejection of an Egyptian-proposed Gaza ceasefire.

Israeli commandos, Hamas militia clash as Gaza offensive continues

The clashes broke during a ground operation on Gaza's coast by Israeli commandos- the first ground assault since the offensive against Hamas began.

Egypt: Gaza tunnel flooding puts jobs in jeopardy

Egypt's campaign to shut down smuggling tunnels running under its border into the Gaza Strip threatens to throw thousands of Palestinians out of work.

World pressure for Gaza truce intensifies

The UN chief has called for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and the US Secretary of State has headed to the region with a peace message.

Deep Read: Gaza crisis rooted in crossed red lines

There are theories among Israelis and Palestinians about what has propelled the two sides towards their second war in four years.

Hamas halves Israeli fruit imports to Gaza

The Hamas government has barred much of Gaza's fruit imports from Israel, citing a need to cultivate local Palestinian agriculture.

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