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Mother Teresa will achieve sainthood this weekend – 19 years after her death

The nun was beatified in 2003 after the procedure to establish her case for sainthood was started two years after her death instead of the usual five.

Israel says meeting heavy resistance within Gaza

Israeli forces say they were met with heavy resistance from Hamas when they pounded multiple sites across the Gaza Strip.

Israel bids farewell to divisive Sharon

At the first of two funeral services, Israel has paid tribute to Ariel Sharon who is viewed as a hero at home and a war criminal by some others.

Was Ariel Sharon the last leader able to bring peace?

Despite him being a man of war, Sharon's supporters question whether future leaders will have the same clout when it comes to securing peace.

White smoke signals new pope elected by cardinals

Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina has been elected pope to lead the Roman Catholic Church, and has taken the name Pope Francis I.

‘Diverse opinions’ steer the election for the next pope

Roman Catholic cardinals prayed for divine help, hours before a conclave to elect a new pope to tackle the daunting problems facing the church.

Let the games begin: Zuma says SA is ready for Afcon

President Zuma has said the preparations put in place for the 2010 soccer world cup had eased the burden of hosting Afcon for South Africa.

Syria: Bombs kill at least 27 in Damascus

Two explosions struck the heart of Damascus on Saturday, killing at least 27 people in an attack on security installations.

State TV reports on mass deaths in Syria bombing

State television in Syria has reported gruesome images from twin bomb attacks on security buildings in the countries capital.

Netanyahu’s war talk ups the ante in Iranian standoff

An uncompromising speech in the US by Israel's prime minister has persuaded the public back home that war with Iran is possible, perhaps even likely.

Leaks show Palestinians giving ground to Israel

Palestinian negotiators secretly told Israel it could keep swathes of occupied East Jerusalem, according to leaked documents.

New layer of doubt cast over Middle East peace drive

The path to Middle East peace, already strewn with an array of daunting obstacles, has now got one more hurdle to overcome.

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