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Pope Francis names first Sri Lankan saint

The revolutionary Catholic pope has called 17th-century missionary Joseph Vaz a model of reconciliation after the country's recent civil war.

Vatican challenges outlook on homosexuality

A document from the Vatican has called on Catholics to be more accepting and valuing of same-sex couples - but maintain church doctrine on family.

Thieves steal Pope John Paul’s blood from Italy church

Thieves have broken into a small church in the mountains east of Rome and stolen a reliquary with the blood of the late Pope John Paul II.

Pope’s first Christmas message: End the violence in S Sudan

In his first message as Roman Catholic leader, Pope Francis has called for an end to the crisis in South Sudan, saying everyone should be peacemakers.

Pope says gays should not be marginalised

Pope Francis says gay people should not be marginalised but integrated into society, but reaffirmed that the church sees homosexual acts as a sin.

Pope targets North Korea in Easter message

Pope Francis, in his first Easter Sunday address, has called for a diplomatic solution to the crisis on the Korean peninsula.

Pope: Church must defend poor and disadvantaged

Pope Francis has inaugurated his papacy with an address calling for the defence of the weakest in society and of the environment.

Argentina’s Bergoglio elected as new pope

Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina has been elected to be the new leader of the Roman Catholic Church, and would take the name Francis I.

‘Diverse opinions’ steer the election for the next pope

Roman Catholic cardinals prayed for divine help, hours before a conclave to elect a new pope to tackle the daunting problems facing the church.

Pope Benedict says goodbye in front of 150 000 strong audience

Pope Benedict XVI bid an emotional farewell in front of his last general audience, saying he understood the gravity of his decision.

Scandal mars Pope Benedict’s final Sunday address

Fresh scandal has hit the cardinals who are due to choose Pope Benedict XVI's successor as he spoke from his window for the last time.

Pope’s third book on Jesus reaffirms virgin birth

Pope Benedict published the last part of his trilogy on the life of Jesus which reaffirms the the virgin birth as an "unequivocal" truth of faith.

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