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Pope Francis names first Sri Lankan saint

The revolutionary Catholic pope has called 17th-century missionary Joseph Vaz a model of reconciliation after the country's recent civil war.

Threats, bombs and tradition obstructing Afghan women’s cricket

Taliban threats and conservative beliefs are preventing women's cricket in Afghanistan, where it is believed that women should not compete in public.

Zuma returns from fractious Sri Lanka Commonwealth summit

President Jacob Zuma has returned from a summit dominated by allegations of war crimes in Sri Lanka during the bloody climax of its 26-year civil war.

India denies alleged kickbacks from $750m helicopter deal

India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said the government has nothing to hide in a $750-million deal for AgustaWestland helicopters.

Indian gang-rape victim’s father wants her identity known

The father of an Indian student who was brutally raped says he wants her name made public so she can be an inspiration to victims of sexual crimes.

India offers large loan and praise for Burma reforms

India promised Burma a $500-million credit line to improve infrastructure and praised the steps taken towards democracy the country has made so far.

Chávez, Gadaffi seek new world order

President Hugo Chávez urged colleagues from Africa and South America to help form a ''multipolar'' world on Saturday at a summit.

Ecuador’s Correa wins re-election, faces tough times

Rafael Correa sailed to a re-election victory on Sunday but will face tough times during his second term as a weak economy threatens his popularity.

US sanctions Chávez aides in growing crisis

The United States escalated a major diplomatic crisis with Venezuela on Friday, imposing sanctions on aides to President Hugo Chávez.

Plane carrying 46 believed crashed in Venezuela

A Venezuelan passenger plane with 46 people aboard went missing and likely crashed in a remote mountain region soon after taking off from an Andean city just before dusk on Thursday. Villagers reported hearing a huge noise they thought could be a crash after the twin-engine plane flew out of the high-altitude city of Merida headed for the capital Caracas.

Venezuela halts oil supplies to Exxon Mobil

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez stopped oil exports to Exxon Mobil on Tuesday, escalating a multibillion-dollar fight with the United States company two days after threatening to cut off all supplies to America. The anti-US president's retaliation for Exxon's legal offensive pushed oil prices higher in late trading.

Centre-leftist beats general at Guatemala vote

Centre-leftist Alvaro Colom won Guatemala's presidential election on Sunday, denying power to a retired general who had sought to unleash the army to fight a violent crime wave. Colom, a soft-spoken textile businessman, had an unassailable lead of 5,4 percentage points over General Otto Perez Molina.

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