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Alonso Soto

Chile secures lifeline to trapped miners

Rescue workers on Monday reinforced a small drill hole to serve as an umbilical cord to 33 miners found alive 17 days after a cave-in in Chile.

Trapped Chile miners alive but long rescue ahead

Thirty-three Chilean miners trapped deep underground for 17 days sent a message to the surface on Sunday, saying they were all still alive.

Chile looters give up quake spoils to avoid arrest

Residents in Chile's earthquake-ravaged city of Concepcion dumped new televisions, fridges and furniture on roadsides on Sunday to avoid arrest.

Huge earthquake batters Chile

A massive magnitude-8,8 earthquake struck south-central Chile early on Saturday, killing at least 78 people and knocking down homes and hospitals.

Brazil navy races to pull Air France wreck from sea

Brazilian navy divers rushed on Wednesday to reach the wreckage of an Air France jet and start the grim job of pulling debris from the Atlantic Ocean.

Ecuador’s Correa wins re-election, faces tough times

Rafael Correa sailed to a re-election victory on Sunday but will face tough times during his second term as a weak economy threatens his popularity.

Ecuador weighs Galapagos turtles against tourists

Marauding Europeans are nothing new to the Galapagos Islands, which long ago were the haunt of English pirates preying on Spanish galleons laden with Inca gold. But Ecuador, which owns the archipelago, may soon have to take action against menacing outsiders, realising foreigners with cameras are every bit as dangerous as those with cutlasses.

Ecuador’s defence minister killed in air collision

Ecuador's first female defence minister was killed on Wednesday after only nine days in office in a mid-air collision of two helicopters, government and military officials said. The accident in the Andean nation further rocks the leftist government of President Rafael Correa, who has clashed with Congress over his executive powers.

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