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Morsi death sentence draws international condemnation

The US has joined the chorus of condemnation against Egypt's mass trials, in which former president Mohamed Morsi was this weekend sentenced to death.

‘Independent thinker’ – former physicist tipped to be new US defence secretary

Veteran Washington insider, Ashton Carter, is an independent thinker whose opinions have not always aligned fully with those of the president.

Obama announces new sanctions over Ukraine

US President Barack Obama has announced new sanctions in a bid to stop President Vladimir Putin from fomenting the rebellion in eastern Ukraine.

G7 agrees on further sanctions against Russia

New sanctions will be imposed on Russia as punishment for failing to adhere to an international deal aimed at stabilising the crisis in Ukraine.

Israel bids farewell to divisive Sharon

At the first of two funeral services, Israel has paid tribute to Ariel Sharon who is viewed as a hero at home and a war criminal by some others.

Israel tightens security ahead of Sharon’s funeral

Following the death of Ariel Sharon, Isreal has increased its security for the former prime minister's funeral near the Gaza border.

Obama: US to keep targeting al-Qaeda-linked groups in Africa

Barack Obama says that the US would focus its attack on al-Qaeda-linked groups in Africa but had no intention of going to war on the continent.

Obama takes Syria strike proposal to sceptical Congress

US President Barack Obama and his aides have attempted to convince a doubtful Congress that the country needs to intervene - with force - in Syria.

Obama calls for ‘meaningful action’ after school shooting

"We've endured too many of these tragedies in the past few years," Obama said during a somber televised appearance in the White House briefing room.

Obama aces foreign policy debate, Romney comes out solid

US President Barack Obama came out with guns blazing at the final presidential debate on Tuesday but Republican Mitt Romney held his own just as well.

Clint Eastwood talks to a chair on Romney’s big day

Dirty Harry himself nearly hijacked Mitt Romney's presidential nomination with a rambling diatribe against Barack Obama - addressed to an empty chair.

Obama urges China to rein in North Korea

US President Barack Obama has urged China to use its influence to stop North Korea's "bad behaviour" in a nuclear standoff with the West.

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