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Trump vs Clinton: Battle between ‘devil’ and ‘abuser’ gets heated in second debate

A defiant Donald Trump on Sunday said Hillary Clinton would go to jail if he were president.

Hillary Clinton puts Donald Trump on defensive in blistering debate

Each accuses the other of distortions, falsehoods while Asian shares rise – suggesting investors see Clinton winning.

Donald Trump hardens stance on Muslims after Orlando shooting

The presumptive Republican nominee said it was time to "tell the truth about radical Islam", the day after 49 people were killed at a nightclub.

Trump wins decisively in South Carolina, Clinton clinches Nevada

Donald Trump continued his march toward the GOP nomination while Hillary Clinton put in a strong showing against Bernie Sanders.

White House hopefuls Trump, Sanders capture New Hampshire

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders essentially cruised to victory in the second round of the US election primaries.

Obama strikes defiant tone in State of the Union Address

US President Barack Obama warned the Republican-led Congress to end their resistance to higher taxes on the wealthy, saying he won't back down.

Obama: Same-sex provision should not derail US immigration move

Obama has signaled that a proposal to add a same-sex partnership measure to a US immigration overhaul should not derail the entire legislative effort.

Outlook improves for US immigration deal

Prospects for a law to create a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants brightened after an agreement on a guest-worker programme was reached.

Gun control and job creation marks Obama’s State of the Union address

US President Obama's State of the Union speech challenged a divided Congress to back his plans to create middle-class jobs and focused on gun laws.

Obama handed a second term, but challenges await

President Barack Obama has won a second term in the White House, overcoming deep doubts among voters about his handling of the US economy.

Obama aces foreign policy debate, Romney comes out solid

US President Barack Obama came out with guns blazing at the final presidential debate on Tuesday but Republican Mitt Romney held his own just as well.

Romney gains upper hand in first presidential debate

An aggressive Mitt Romney has taken the fight to Barack Obama and has breathed new life into his struggling campaign with a solid debate performance.

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