Steve Holland

Obama appeals for realism in re-election pitch

US President Barack Obama has asked Americans for patience in rebuilding the weak economy, as he appealed for a new term in office.

Bill Clinton’s Obama boost electrifies Democrats

The Democratic Party has officially nominated US President Barack Obama as its candidate for the November 6 election to face Republican Mitt Romney.

Michelle Obama steps up to bat for Barack

First lady Michelle Obama has urged American voters to give her husband four more years to fix the struggling US economy.

Little-known Ryan takes centre stage at Republican convention

Paul Ryan will take his turn in the spotlight for the biggest speech of his political career at the Republican National Convention.

Do or die for Santorum as Super Tuesday dawns

Mitt Romney could take a leap toward finishing off chief rival Rick Santorum and seize command of the race for the Republican ticket on Super Tuesday.

Romney fends off Santorum in Michigan, Arizona

After cleaning up in Arizona, Mitt Romney has won the Republican primary in his home state of Michigan, after a tight race with rival Rick Santorum.

Romney stumbles on election message

Mitt Romney leads the Republican presidential race with his Florida win but drew criticism with remarks suggesting indifference to America's poor.

Romney expects New Hampshire win despite setbacks

Despite attacks from his competitors, Mitt Romney has been seen as the favourite for the Republican presidential candidate.

Romney comes out tops in Republican debate

Republican Mitt Romney has fended off a few attacks on his business record and sailed through a high-stakes debate that his rivals used to jockey for.

US lawmakers still divided as debt deadline looms

The US failed to achieve a budget breakthrough on Sunday and instead worked on rival plans in an impasse that heightened prospects for a debt fault.

Obama praises ‘Gang of Six’ plan

President Barack Obama on Tuesday supported a bipartisan proposal for a new deficit-reduction plan aimed at averting a debt default.

Obama charts course for US exit from Afghanistan

US President Barack Obama announced a plan on Wednesday to start withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan in a first step towards ending the long war.

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