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‘Yes we did’: Obama pushes values and prods Trump in final, emotional address

President Barack Obama urged Americans on Tuesday to stand up for US values and reject discrimination.

Obama to deliver farewell address in Chicago on January 10

The United States president's successor, Republican Donald Trump, will be sworn into office on January 20.

Obama knocks Trump for anti-Muslim rhetoric

President Barack Obama sought to cement his legacy as he took aim at the Republican frontrunner during his last State of the Union speech.

Selma anniversary: Obama declares work of Civil Rights Movement advanced but unfinished

The US president says discrimination by law enforcement officers in Ferguson, Missouri, showed a lot of work needed to be done on race in America.

Obama strikes defiant tone in State of the Union Address

US President Barack Obama warned the Republican-led Congress to end their resistance to higher taxes on the wealthy, saying he won't back down.

Obama to sign order barring federal discrimination against gays

President Barack Obama will sign an executive order barring federal contractors from discriminating based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Obama says downing of plane a ‘wake-up call’ over Ukraine conflict

US President Barack Obama has warned that the downing of a Malaysian jetliner in Ukraine should be a "wake-up call for Europe and the world".

Obama warns Putin of more sanctions over Ukraine crisis

Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin on Thursday discussed a downed passenger plane during a phone call prompted by a new round of US sanctions.

Despite win, Obama has weak hand with Congress

US President Barack Obama's bargaining hand may have been strengthened by the thrashing Republicans took in polls over their handling of the shutdown.

Obama, Bush commemorate victims of Tanzania’s al-Qaeda bombing

Barack Obama and his predecessor George W Bush have met in Tanzania to commemorate the victims of the 1998 al-Qaeda bombing of the US embassy.

Gun control and job creation marks Obama’s State of the Union address

US President Obama's State of the Union speech challenged a divided Congress to back his plans to create middle-class jobs and focused on gun laws.

Obama: US can’t afford more showdowns over debt, deficits

Fresh from the legislative fight to prevent a "fiscal cliff", President Barack Obama has warned that the US could not afford further budget showdowns.

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