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Obama announces new sanctions over Ukraine

US President Barack Obama has announced new sanctions in a bid to stop President Vladimir Putin from fomenting the rebellion in eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine blames Moscow for ‘human shield’ detentions

Pro-Russian separatists are ready to exchange captured monitors for fellow rebels now in the custody of the Ukrainian authorities.

New sanctions threats as Ukraine stalemate continues

A day after an international deal in Geneva to defuse the East-West crisis in Ukraine, pro-Russian separatists vowed not to end their occupation.

East Ukraine separatists stay put despite diplomatic deal

Separatists are holding public buildings in Ukraine, saying they need more assurances about security before complying with an international deal.

Ukraine president threatens military operation as unrest grows

Ukraine's president has threatened military action after pro-Russian separatists occupying government buildings ignored an ultimatum to leave.

Ukraine launches fightback for eastern town

Ukrainian forces have launched an "anti-terrorist" operation to end the grip of separatists on the eastern town of Slaviansk.

Putin hasn’t ruled out Syria strike

The Russian president says he has not ruled out the option of strikes on Syria if clear evidence of chemical weapons attacks can be provided.

Snowden: Putin dismisses US’s ‘ravings and rubbish’

In his first public comments since Edward Snowden flew into Russia, Vladimir Putin has appeared to make light of the uproar over the fugitive.

Russia detains kissing gay rights activists

Russia's police have detained more than 20 gay rights activists involved in a "kissing protest" outside parliament.

Election corruption: Russia’s carousel voters

A journalist infiltrated and followed a group of what he called "carousel" voters, people who are allegedly paid to vote for a specific candidate.

Putin vows revenge for suicide bombing

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin vowed revenge on Tuesday for a suicide bombing that killed at least 35 people at Russia's busiest airport.

Al-Bashir: ‘We don’t care about the decision of the ICC’

Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir said the ICC attempt to prosecute him for genocide and war crimes had only strengthened his position.

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