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Defiant al-Bashir rejects Darfur genocide charges

Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir, on his first trip abroad since the ICC moved to indict him for war crimes, on Tuesday denied the charges.

Istanbul factory blast kills 19

At least 19 people were killed and 69 were injured on Thursday when an explosion ripped through an Istanbul building that housed workshops including an illegal fireworks factory. Television footage showed debris from the building strewn through the streets of the industrial district of Davutpasa.

Turkish army kills Kurds in new clashes

Turkish soldiers killed 20 Kurdish guerrillas on Sunday in a major military operation against separatist rebels in eastern Turkey, army sources said. The operation involving 8 000 troops backed up from the air was launched in the central-eastern province of Tunceli. The sources gave no word on army casualties.

Turkey hunts Kurdish rebels after Iraqi talks fail

Turkish military planes scoured the Iraqi border for Kurdish rebel camps on Saturday, army sources said, after diplomatic talks in Ankara to avert a major cross-border operation into northern Iraq failed. Turkish-Iraqi talks collapsed late on Friday after Ankara rejected proposals by the Iraqi defence minister for tackling Kurdish guerrillas based in northern Iraq.

Turkey sends more troops to Iraqi border

Turkish helicopters ferried more troops to the border with Iraq on Friday as diplomatic efforts got under way in Ankara to avert a major offensive against Kurdish guerrillas based in northern Iraq. Turkey has massed up to 100 000 troops along the mountainous border before a possible cross-border operation to crush about 3 000 guerrillas of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party.

Turkey masses more troops as raids in Iraq confirmed

Turkish warplanes and troops attacked Kurdish rebels inside Iraq this week, security sources said on Wednesday, but Ankara wants to hold back from any major incursion for now and give diplomacy a chance. Turkey moved more troops to the mountainous border, keeping up pressure on Baghdad to honour promises to crack down on the rebels.

Three dead, dozens hurt in Turkish blast

Three people died and dozens more were injured in a blast in Turkey's Mediterranean city Antalya on Monday, the fifth bomb to hit the country in less than 24 hours. Locals and witnesses said they heard a loud explosion, which broke windows, shattered glass and sparked a fire at a shopping area in the centre of the city, one of Turkey's most popular tourist destinations.

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