Matt Spetalnick

Obama targets Wall Street wallets in State of the Union

US President Barack Obama painted himself as a champion of the middle class during his State of the Union, demanding higher taxes for millionaires.

Two dead in Virginia Tech campus shooting

A gunman has ambushed and killed a campus cop and was later found dead at Virginia Tech, the site of one of the worst shooting rampages in US history.

Drone strike ends long hunt for US-born Al-Awlaki

President Barack Obama on Friday hailed the drone strike on Anwar al-Awlaki as "another significant milestone" in efforts to defeat al-Qaeda.

Obama assesses flood-stricken New Jersey

United States President Barack Obama has travelled to flood-stricken New Jersey to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Irene.

Lawmakers seal US debt deal

President Barack Obama on Sunday announced a last-minute deal to raise the US borrowing limit and urged lawmakers to "do the right thing".

US debt talks break down in acrimony

Negotiations on a deficit-reduction deal collapsed on Friday as US House Speaker John Boehner pulled out of talks with President Barack Obama.

As US default looms, pressure grows to end impasse

With the US lurching closer to a default, President Barack Obama and lawmakers face pressure to speed up efforts to cobble together a deal.

Syria’s al-Assad has ‘lost legitimacy’

President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had "lost legitimacy" for failing to lead a democratic transition.

US says Bin Laden was unarmed

Pakistan faced growing pressure on Wednesday to explain how the world's most-wanted man was able to live for years in the garrison town of Abbottabad.

US slaps new sanctions on Syria over crackdown

The United States slapped sanctions on Syria's intelligence agency and two relatives of President Bashar al-Assad on Friday.

Finance industry gets thumbs up

Banks and finance companies are doing a better job than other sectors in fulfilling their social responsibilities.

Obama offers new US partnership with Latin America

President Barack Obama called on Monday for a "new era of partnership" with Latin America as he acknowledged a sometimes troubled past.

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