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Israeli surveillance unit members ‘won’t spy on Palestinians’

Reserve soldiers in Israel's surveillance unit said they won't spy on Palestinians under occupation, drawing attention to the ethics of the practice.

Israel pulls forces out of Gaza, begins truce with Hamas

​Israel has withdrawn its ground forces out of the Gaza Strip and began a 72-hour truce with Hamas mediated by Egypt.

Israel tightens security ahead of Sharon’s funeral

Following the death of Ariel Sharon, Isreal has increased its security for the former prime minister's funeral near the Gaza border.

Former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon dies aged 85

The former Israeli general and prime minister has died after suffering a stroke and spending the past eight years in a coma.

Israel to Assad: Air strikes did not aim to help Syria rebels

Israel sought to persuade Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that recent air strikes around Damascus did not aim to weaken him.

Netanyahu says Iran using talks to ‘buy time’ for bomb

Efforts to negotiate curbs on Iran's nuclear programme have backfired by giving it more time to work on building a bomb, said Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel to expand settlements after UN’s Palestine vote

Israel plans to build thousands of new homes for its settlers in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, defying a UN vote.

Disarray as Israeli election rivals claim victory

Israel faced on Wednesday what could be weeks of political uncertainty after an election that ended with clashing claims of victory.

Hamas says it is open to new truce

Palestinian armed groups in Gaza are observing a 24-hour halt to rocket fire against Israel at the request of Egyptian mediators, an official said.

Israel to free prisoners as goodwill to Abbas

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said on Monday he was ready to free about 250 Palestinian prisoners as a goodwill gesture to help President Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah faction. The two leaders held talks in the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, their first meeting since Islamist Hamas militants seized the Gaza Strip nearly two weeks ago.

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