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EgyptAir flight from Paris to Cairo missing with 66 on board

Flight MS804 went missing soon after entering Egyptian airspace and officials are not ruling out any scenarios.

Israel pulls forces out of Gaza, begins truce with Hamas

​Israel has withdrawn its ground forces out of the Gaza Strip and began a 72-hour truce with Hamas mediated by Egypt.

Egypt’s ElBaradei faces court for ‘betrayal of trust’

Mohamed ElBaradei, Egypt's former vice-president, will be sued for a "betrayal of trust" over his decision to quit the army-backed government.

Fear of crackdown, conscription haunts Libyan capital

Green bunting and pictures of Muammar Gaddafi festoon a Tripoli district where two months ago protesters marched in the streets.

Gaddafi son killed in Nato air strike

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi survived a Nato air strike on a Tripoli house that killed his youngest son and three grandchildren.

Gaddafi offers another ceasefire

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said on Saturday he was ready for a ceasefire and negotiations provided Nato "stop its planes".

Air strike flattens building in Gaddafi compound

Nato forces flattened a building inside Muammar Gaddafi's compound early on Monday, in what a press official said was an attempt on the leader's life.

Bahrain forces quash small protests in Day of Rage

Small protests broke out in Bahrain's capital for a planned Day of Rage on Friday despite a ban under martial law imposed last week, but were crushed.

Bahrainis to bury dead protester amid crackdown

Hundreds of Bahrainis gathered on Friday to bury an activist killed in a crackdown on mainly Shi'ite Muslim protesters.

Bahrain arrests six opposition leaders after crackdown

Bahrain arrested at least six opposition leaders on Thursday for communicating with foreign countries and inciting murder and destruction of property.

Bahrain forces launch crackdown on protesters

Bahraini forces backed by helicopters launched a crackdown on protesters on Wednesday, imposing a curfew and clearing hundreds from a camp.

Police fire tear gas at Tunis protesters

Police fired tear gas to disperse protesters in Tunis on Monday as pressure grew for the removal of ministers linked to the ousted president.

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