Frederik Richter

Bahrain forces quash small protests in Day of Rage

Small protests broke out in Bahrain's capital for a planned Day of Rage on Friday despite a ban under martial law imposed last week, but were crushed.

Bahrain arrests six opposition leaders after crackdown

Bahrain arrested at least six opposition leaders on Thursday for communicating with foreign countries and inciting murder and destruction of property.

Bahrain army withdrawn, police attack protesters

Bahraini troops and armoured vehicles on Saturday rolled out of a Manama square that had been a base for anti-government protesters.

Bahrain king offers dialogue to resolve crisis

Bahrain's king has offered a national dialogue "with all parties" in a conciliatory move to resolve a crisis that has killed six people.

Bahrain forces fire on protesters, dozens wounded

Bahraini security forces shot at protesters near Pearl Square on Friday and wounded at least 23, a former Shi'ite lawmaker said.

Thousands join funerals of protesters in Bahrain

Several thousand Shi'ites turned out in Bahrain on Friday to bury three of those killed in a crackdown ordered by the state's Sunni ruling family.

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