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Yemen close to transition of power deal

Yemen's President Ali Abdullah Saleh said on Saturday he was prepared to step down if allowed a dignified departure.

Yemen ruler ready to step down

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah said on Friday he was ready to cede power, the third Arab ruler who may be forced out by popular protests.

Yemen’s Saleh says willing to quit under conditions

Embattled Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh said on Friday he was ready to cede power to prevent more bloodshed, but only to "safe hands".

Yemen’s top generals back democracy protesters

Top generals, ambassadors and some tribes threw their support behind Yemen's anti-government protesters on Monday.

Heavy police turnout deters Gulf protests

A security clampdown in the Riyadh kept a lid on a planned day of rage, while police in Kuwait and Bahrain appeared to deflate demonstrators' zeal.

Bahrain army withdrawn, police attack protesters

Bahraini troops and armoured vehicles on Saturday rolled out of a Manama square that had been a base for anti-government protesters.

Bahrain king offers dialogue to resolve crisis

Bahrain's king has offered a national dialogue "with all parties" in a conciliatory move to resolve a crisis that has killed six people.

Bahrain forces fire on protesters, dozens wounded

Bahraini security forces shot at protesters near Pearl Square on Friday and wounded at least 23, a former Shi'ite lawmaker said.

Thousands join funerals of protesters in Bahrain

Several thousand Shi'ites turned out in Bahrain on Friday to bury three of those killed in a crackdown ordered by the state's Sunni ruling family.

As Mideast seethes, three dead in Bahrain bloodshed

Police in the Gulf island kingdom of Bahrain attacked demonstrators camped out in the capital on Thursday, killing three.

Bahrain protesters gather in capital for third day

Thousands of Shi'ite demonstrators, inspired by popular revolts that toppled rulers in Tunisia and Egypt, gathered in Bahrain's capital on Wednesday.

BlackBerry row highlights security fears

Disputes between Gulf Arab states and the maker of the Blackberry over access to encrypted communications highlight nervousness over security threats.

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