Mohamed Sudam

Plain-clothed men fire on Yemen protesters

Plain-clothed gunmen opened fire on protesters in Yemen's southern city of Taiz on Saturday, wounding at least 15 people.

Protesters vow escalation as Saleh promises to quit

Yemeni protesters demanding President Ali Abdullah Saleh's immediate resignation vowed to step up street protests.

Yemen’s Saleh agrees to quit in return for immunity

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh agreed on Saturday to step down in weeks in return for immunity from prosecution.

Ruling party defectors rally against Yemen’s Saleh

Members of Yemen's ruling party formed a new bloc on Monday to support protests against the rule of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Yemen tensions on the boil as protests escalate

Opponents of Yemen's President Saleh stepped up a campaign to force him out on Friday, but Saleh was defiant, urging opposition to join peace talks.

Protests sweep Arab world, 22 die in Syria

Protests erupted across much of the Arab world on the Muslim day of prayer, with demonstrators killed in Syria and Yemen.

Yemen’s Saleh sues for peace

Yemen's president urged the opposition to join talks to try to end weeks of turmoil and violence in which three more people were killed on Tuesday.

Fifteen dead in Yemen crackdown

Police and armed men in civilian clothes opened fire on anti-government demonstrators in Yemeni cities on Monday, leaving 15 dead and dozens wounded.

Yemen ruler ready to step down

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah said on Friday he was ready to cede power, the third Arab ruler who may be forced out by popular protests.

Yemen’s top generals back democracy protesters

Top generals, ambassadors and some tribes threw their support behind Yemen's anti-government protesters on Monday.

Yemen arrests suspect, parcels confirmed as bombs

Yemeni forces on Saturday arrested a woman believed to be involved in sending explosive packages bound for the United States.

Yemen’s president boosts security

Yemen's president has met a top US general to discuss boosting military cooperation, after Barack Obama tied al-Qaeda's regional arm to terrorism.

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