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Snowden vindicated: Obama signs off on Freedom Act

President Barack Obama has signed into law new legislation which greatly reforms the US's much-criticised state surveillance programme.

Obama: US to keep targeting al-Qaeda-linked groups in Africa

Barack Obama says that the US would focus its attack on al-Qaeda-linked groups in Africa but had no intention of going to war on the continent.

Obama takes Syria strike proposal to sceptical Congress

US President Barack Obama and his aides have attempted to convince a doubtful Congress that the country needs to intervene - with force - in Syria.

Akin rebuffs calls to quit Senate race amid ‘legitimate rape’ furore

United States congressman Todd Akin, under fire for controversial remarks on abortion and rape, insists he will not leave the Missouri Senate race.

Republicans may not get 2012 dream candidate

Republicans may need to give up hopes of a better candidate defeating Barack Obama in 2012 presidential race.

Bin Laden’s luxurious Pakistan compound

US forces found Osama bin Laden not in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan, but in a million-dollar compound in an upscale summer resort in Pakistan.

Obama calls Mubarak’s latest move insufficient

Barack Obama said on Thursday Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's statement that he would hand over power to his vice-president was not enough.

G20 leaders near agreement, if not progress

Leaders will agree to set vague "indicative guidelines" measuring economic imbalances at Friday's summit but leave details to be hammered out in 2011.

Indian media say Obama visit hitting right notes

Indian media on Sunday hailed US President Barack Obama's decision to ease export controls and support India's membership of powerful nuclear groups.

Obama hosts summit to rescue US health Bill

President Barack Obama launches a last-ditch bid to salvage his stalled healthcare overhaul on Thursday at a televised summit.

Gate crashers met Obama at state dinner with India

A couple who penetrated layers of security to enter a State Dinner at the White House met US President Barack Obama in the receiving line.

Obama to make case for big US healthcare changes

President Barack Obama takes on the bitter healthcare reform debate on Wednesday with a high-stakes speech to the US Congress.

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