John Whitesides

Santorum snatches up Deep South primaries

Republican Rick Santorum has won two crucial Deep South primaries, taking control of the conservative wing and dealing a setback to Newt Gingrich.

Romney to step up campaign after losses

Many US Republicans may have growing concerns about their presidential front-runner Mitt Romney but no one is pushing the panic button -- yet.

US shutdown feared amid budget squabble

US congressional negotiators are racing to agree on billions of dollars in spending cuts before the federal government is forced to shut down.

Palin says Obama’s policies have US on road to ruin

Sarah Palin said on Friday an explosion of government spending and debt under President Barack Obama had put the US on "the road to ruin".

US Republicans sweep Democrats out of House

Disenchanted US voters swept Democrats from power in the House of Representatives and strengthened the ranks of Senate Republicans on Tuesday.

Democratic power at risk in US vote

After a long and bitter campaign, Americans cast their votes on Tuesday in elections that could sweep Democrats from power in Congress.

Tea Party win hurts Republicans’ US Senate chances

A conservative "Tea Party" favourite knocked off the establishment choice in Delaware's Republican Senate primary election on Tuesday.

US House approves healthcare overhaul

The US House of Representatives gave final approval to a healthcare overhaul on Sunday, expanding insurance coverage to nearly all Americans.

Obama hosts summit to rescue US health Bill

President Barack Obama launches a last-ditch bid to salvage his stalled healthcare overhaul on Thursday at a televised summit.

US Senate on track to pass healthcare Bill

Senate Democrats moved closer on Monday to passing landmark healthcare legislation by Christmas after scoring a win in the first big test vote.

Healthcare Bill passes first US Senate test

A sweeping healthcare overhaul cleared its first hurdle in the US Senate on Saturday, with Democrats casting 60 party-line votes.

House passes Bill to overhaul US healthcare system

The US House of Representatives approved a sweeping healthcare reform Bill on Saturday, backing the biggest health policy changes in four decades.

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