Richard Calland

Part IV: Breaking the mould — A blueprint for the future government

This is the last article in a four-part series on radical Cabinet reform

PART I: A radical blueprint for Ramaphosa’s Cabinet

By doing so the president not only shows he has guts, but governance will be more effective

Part II: The seven principles of picking a Cabinet

This is part II in a four part analysis on Cabinet reform

Elections 2019: It’s all a little below par

'This is the most important election since 1994. Yet, strangely, it has been the most boring'

A tale of two countries in uncertain days

It is the best of times, the worst of times, but also the most dangerous of times for South Africa and Britain

Is Cyril on a slow train to nowhere?

In a country desperate for solutions, the electorate is indifferent and parties are fighting themselves

Ramaphosa and the Thatcherite moment of truth

Cyril Ramaphosa is no Margaret Thatcher but he is having to determine the same issue: Who runs the country?

Only through truth can ANC regain trust

If the Ramaphosa faction in the ANC wants to retain power, it has to level with voters

Wild ride may lead to better future

The shocks of 2018 will reverberate in a crucial 2019 election year and hopefully the outcome will be enlightened

Elections 2019 will test SA’s value system

The president and his party face a difficult time in the months ahead and the outcome is far from certain

Don’t cut our civil servants. Train them

To stay abreast in these confusing times, the public service must be empowered to act

A rogue Zuma could be catastrophic

Cyril Ramaphosa’s future depends on getting a result above 60% in the upcoming elections

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