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Richard Calland

Ramaphosa’s panel calls for end to coal, but who’ll fund it?

Like unfinished flyovers in Cape Town, global climate finance and domestic demand often don’t meet up

Richard Calland: Overhaul the law to protect whistleblowers

People who don’t turn a blind eye are making an often deadly decision. Babita Deokaran is one

Richard Calland: Cyril’s wicked cabinet conundrum

Three weeks ago, a second term for the president seemed a safe bet, but the insurgency has thrown the puzzle pieces in the air

Richard Calland: Ramaphosa proves he is a duffer

The way our government — and its leader — have handled the pandemic leaves much to be desired

Richard Calland: Why judges matter — an illustrative tale

Johannes Mahlangu’s torture by police and charge for a murder he didn’t commit should never have happened

Richard Calland: Less cash to splash spells new-look South African polls

The new political party funding law brings changes to allocations – and possibly an end to dodgy donors

The ‘Ever Given’ budged – but not Ace

It’s time for major shifts in local politics, given the DA’s lacklustre efforts, the EFF’s faux workerist pose and the ANC’s factionalism

Will Cyril Ramaphosa have one or two terms?

The threat to the president’s rule comes not from the opposition, but from within the ANC

Richard Calland: Fascism is the post-pandemic threat

Conditions in South Africa and elsewhere are fertile ground for big-man authoritarian populism to take root

New climate commission offers hope

The Presidential Climate Change Coordinating Commission is tasked with shifting the economy to a ‘low-carbon, climate resilient economy and society’

Richard Calland: Not much has shuffled in the political pack

Stocktake at the end of a momentous year shows that the ruling party holds all the cards but has little room for manoeuvre

Why an amnesty for grand corruption in South Africa is a bad idea

Attempts to trade amnesty for information about state corruption have caused conflict as well as controversy in other countries.

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