Police to probe Mboweni son's alleged deportation threat


Gauteng police say they will look into an alleged threat by a policeman to deport Tumelo Mboweni, son of former Reserve Bank governor Tito Mboweni.

Former South African Reserve Bank governor Tito Mboweni. (Gallo)

Police are investigating an alleged threat by a police officer to deport the son of former South African Reserve Bank governor Tito Mboweni, Gauteng police said on Monday.

"The police would like to state that all citizens are treated equally and fairly despite the colour of their skin [and] their nationality," provincial police commissioner Lieutenant General​ Lesetja Mothiba said.

"Police are investigating these allegations."

Tumelo Mboweni (24) was reportedly pulled out of a minibus taxi on his way to have breakfast with a friend at Sandton City, in Johannesburg, on Saturday morning, the Star reported.

According to the newspaper, a police officer pulled over the taxi at a roadblock and asked the driver for his licence.

He then looked at the passengers inside the taxi and instructed Mboweni to get out, accusing him of being a foreigner.

Mboweni was asked to produce his passport, which he did not have with him. He called a friend to bring the passport.

Stop and search operations
Mothiba said the incident happened earlier in December, while police from Alexandra were conducting roadblocks in Wynberg.

"They stopped a taxi, all occupants were requested to get out of the vehicle and were all searched."

"All were also requested to provide a form of identification, either an identity document or a passport. All occupants had their ID documents or passports except for Mr Mboweni."

He said Mboweni was given an opportunity to contact his mother, who later came with a friend and produced the passport.

"Mrs Mboweni raised her dissatisfaction regarding the incident and later went to the station where she reported the incident to a senior officer."

He told her the reasons for the stop and search operations, and the procedures regarding the operation, Mothiba said.

Matter being investigated
"The officer later interviewed the officers who were on duty and again informed Mrs Mboweni regarding his findings. However, she was again still not happy about how the matter was handled."

The matter was being investigated, and would be referred to the police's inspectorate unit, Mothiba said. – Sapa

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