James Grubel

James Grubel

    Rudd sets September 7 poll date

    Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd called a September 7 general election on Sunday, barely six weeks after he toppled former leader Julia Gillard.

    Strewth! Aussie Catholics call foul on TV chef

    Australia's Catholic church has taken a swipe at foul-mouthed British chef Gordon Ramsay and demanded his reality television shows be either taken off air or shown at a later time. One episode broadcast recently featured Ramsay using a four-letter expletive more than 80 times, while he also shouts at a chef saying: "You French pig."

    Major pro-Beijing rally at Australia torch relay

    In the biggest pro-Beijing rally of the protest-marred Olympic torch relay, more than 10 000 Chinese Australians rallied in Canberra on Thursday, bringing a sea of red Chinese flags and drowning out Tibetan demonstrators. Protests and tight security have followed the Olympic torch around the world over the past month.

    Email records to show slice of Australian life

    With email replacing letters as a way of keeping in touch, an Australian museum on Tuesday said it wants to stop a valuable archive of daily life from being lost with the touch of a delete button. Sydney's Powerhouse Museum is asking Australians to send them all kinds of emails and replies, including embarrassing messages.