James Grubel

Australia’s Labour claims election victory

Australia's Labour party claimed victory in national elections on Saturday, signalling an end to 11 years of conservative government led by Prime Minister John Howard. "On the numbers we are seeing tonight, Labour is going to form a government," Labour's deputy leader, Julia Gillard, told Australian television.

Indian doctor in Australia charged over UK bomb plot

Australian federal police charged a 27-year-old Indian doctor on Saturday over his ''reckless'' links with the alleged perpetrators of the attempted car-bomb attacks in the United Kingdom on June 29 and 30. After being held for 12 days, Mohamed Haneef (27) appeared in a Brisbane court charged with providing support to a terrorist organisation.

Aussie water crisis could be worse than thought

Water shortages facing Australia's drought-hit prime agricultural area might be worse than expected, the government was told on Wednesday, as river towns braced for unprecedented restrictions on water use. Prime Minister John Howard in April urged Australians to pray for rain.

Diabetes threatens many of world’s indigenous people

Diabetes poses a deadly threat to indigenous people across Asia, the Pacific and the Americas as Western lifestyles and diets replace traditional habits, medical experts warned on Monday. Professor Martin Silink, head of the Brussels-based International Diabetes Foundation, said indigenous people had a greater genetic risk of contracting Type 2 diabetes.

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