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Australia battles hundreds of wildfires in searing heatwave

Australian fire crews have been battling hundreds of wildfires and powerful, hot outback winds forcing hundreds to be evacuated out of their homes.

Australia’s prank DJs respond to nurse’s suicide

"I've wanted to just reach out to them and just give them a big hug and say sorry," said 2DayFM's Mel Greig about the call to Nurse Jacintha Saldanha.

More US soldiers killed by Afghan nationals

Three US Marines have been shot dead by an Afghan worker on a military base in southern Afghanistan, in a deadly 24 hours for Nato-led forces.

Australia’s Gillard desperate to tighten grip on power

Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard has boosted her chances of surviving a full term after an opposition lawmaker defected to become speaker.

Australia unveils carbon-reduction scheme

Australia unveiled plans on Sunday to slap a carbon tax of A$23 a tonne on its 500 worst polluters from 2012.

Afghan Taliban declare start to spring offensive

The Taliban declared the start of a spring offensive across Afghanistan on Saturday, warning they would target foreign troops.

New Zealand falls silent in quake memorial as toll rises

New Zealand will fall silent on Tuesday to mark the moment an earthquake killed at least 154 people and shattered the city of Christchurch a week ago.

Giant cyclone hits Australian tourist coast

One of the most powerful cyclones on record slammed into Australia's coast, uprooting trees and tearing roofs off buildings.

Australia braces as Cyclone Yasi hits

One of the most powerful cyclones on record began pounding Australia's north-east coast on Wednesday.

Giant cyclone closes in on Australia

Police turned desperate people away from shelters in Australia on Wednesday as one of the most powerful cyclones in the country's history bore down.

Australians flee ahead of ‘catastrophic’ cyclone

Thousands of people fled their homes and crammed into shelters on Wednesday as a powerful cyclone barrelled toward a string of popular tourist cities.

Australia markets bet on new conservative govt

Australian financial markets bet on Monday that inconclusive weekend elections would deliver a change of government.

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