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Death toll rises in Turkey refugee boat sinking

More than half of the 60 migrants who died after their boat sank off Turkey's west coast on Thursday were children, a district official told Reuters.

Syria refugee exodus raises pressure for buffer zone

Syria's refugee exodus is growing and up to 200 000 people could settle in Turkey alone if the conflict worsens, adding pressure for a buffer zone.

Turkey to open trade routes bypassing Syria

Following a breakdown in ties and rising violence in Syria, Turkey has decided to begin bypassing trade routes through the country.

It’s time to go, Turkey tells Syria’s al-Assad

Turkey has told Syria's President Bashar al-Assad to step down for the sake of his people, tightening regional pressure on Damascus.

Rescuers battle to find Turkey quake survivors

Rescuers pulled a two-week-old baby girl alive from the arms of her mother buried under a collapsed building as the search continued for survivors.

Quake death toll soars as the dust clears in Turkey

Over 260 people are dead with the casualty count set to rise after a quake brought ruin to parts of Turkey, destroying homes and injuring thousands.

Afghan Taliban declare start to spring offensive

The Taliban declared the start of a spring offensive across Afghanistan on Saturday, warning they would target foreign troops.

Afghan MPs demand president form new Parliament

A group of about 100 Afghan members of Parliament demanded on Monday that President Hamid Karzai inaugurate the assembly by December 19.

Afghans vote amid violence

Afghans voted in a parliamentary election on Saturday despite Taliban attacks that killed at least 10 people.

WikiLeaks: Pakistan secretly backed Taliban

More Nato troops will die in Afghanistan this year, a US officer said, as a report emerged implicating Pakistan for collaborating with the insurgency.

Afghans seek control of security by 2014

Afghans want responsibility for the country's security by 2014, President Hamid Karzai told an international donors' conference on Tuesday.

Afghan attack kills eight CIA employees

A suicide bomber penetrated an army base in Afghanistan to kill eight US CIA employees on Wednesday, one of the spy agency's largest death tolls.

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