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Pimples: Elections for dummies

The dark art of electioneering is tricky at best, but we've unearthed the magical checklist that guarantees victory – for one person at least.

Gigaba: I don't have one word for Nkandla

From words like "Nkandla" to "coconut", see how ANC head of campaigns Malusi Gigaba reacts to the M&G's word association game.

Road to elections: Anyone but Zuma to blame

While the public protector looks into allegations of state resources spent on electioneering, the ANC has blamed everyone else for Zuma being booed.

Mayixhale family: Another election, little change

We visited the Mayixhale family in the Eastern Cape in 2004 and 2009 to find out how life has progressed between elections. This is their 2014 story.

Zweli Mkhize: ANC accountability is key

ANC leadership campaigned in Soweto this week, listening to people's concerns and handing out free T-shirts. They were met with a mixed response.

Elections 2014: Parties you've never heard of

Believe it, 'cause it's true. From hippies to security guards and convicts, there are some rather interesting smaller parties on the ballot.


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