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Nkandla, hunting the innocent and Obama’s Kenya visit

This week we see what our money bought at Nkandla - or not, lion killer Walter Palmer enrages well, everyone, and Obama side-eyes the likes of Mugabe.

Harber: The M&G is a troublemaker

Journalism professor Anton Harber says Zuma has it wrong

Weekend 101: The bribe that keeps on giving

Nevermind the FIFA woes, PetroSA’s record-breaking debt and the fact that we can’t just #denyeverything. At least our birthday is worth celebrating...

Weekend 101: From Xenophobia to Zille

From a directionless SA to a leaderless DA, Sipho Kings and Stefanie Jason take a look at the fiery state of the country.

Stop, drop and legalise weed

This week Uncle Bob takes a tumble, South Africans ask Zuma to resign, but not before he legalises marijuana - and Malamulele is on fire.

Madiba’s Alexandra legacy abandoned

Across the road from Mandela’s former home in Alexandra is the town's heritage centre, which lies incomplete over 10 years after construction began.


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