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Jordaan becomes mayor and there's some bad blood over e-tolls

We wonder how Danny Jordaan is going to balance heading Safa and managing a municipality.

Zuma's spy game

The illusive spy tapes. Music to the NPA’s ears… or not.

Who wrote the gender script?

There's a new style of femininity among young, privileged women in Lagos, Nigeria. Department of culture PhD candidate Simi Dosekun delves into it.

Does the Namib desert hold secrets to life on other planets?

Researchers are looking at organisms thriving in the extreme environment of the Namib to predict what kind of life we could find on other planets.

Underground Library: Breaking new ground

After months of operating from a tiny room, the Randfontein local municipality has finally approved a piece of land for the Underground Library.

Francois: I am a prison rape survivor

Francois shares his story of being raped violently in an Eastern Cape correctional centre and encourages other survivors to speak up and seek help.


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