South Africans gatvol with xenophobia

Thousands heeded the call and marched from Hillbrow to Newtown on Thursday to protest against recent attacks on foreign nationals.

South Africans, foreign nationals call for end to xenophobia

South Africans and foreign nationals share their thoughts about the on-going xenophobic attacks, while attending a vigil at Constitution Hill.

Far from home: Understanding the African diaspora

Jocelyne Muhutu Remy is a media executive and former TV producer who has spent 15 years researching and writing about the African diaspora.

The plight of foreign nationals in Jo'burg

Thousands of foreign nationals have fled their homes to seek refuge in makeshift camps, such as this one in Germiston, amid the violence.

Underground Library: 'Better than school'

The project is helping children improve their literacy through play, music and drama and a child with a learning disability has benefited already.

Xenophobic violence continues unabated in Durban

Police officers during a clash with a mob trying to loot foreign-owned shops on April 14 2015 in Durban.