Russia: Children with disabilities face violence, neglect

Roman K, 18, (left) and Lyuba P, 15, in a “lying-down” ward of an orphanage for children with disabilities in northwest Russia.

Swaziland: Royal family's trail of destruction

Swaziland residents share their stories of being kicked off their family's land by members of the royal family and politically-connected individuals.

Litfest 2014: Jane Duncan

UJ professor Jane Duncan talks about her upcoming book, 'Rise of the Securocrats’ – which examines the shifting nature of our security cluster, at the 2014 M&G Litfest.

Litfest 2014: Pumla Gbodo-Madikizela

UFS senior research professor Pumla Gbodo-Madikizela discusses her book 'Dare We Hope?’, in which she addresses the crisis of moral leadership in SA.

Litfest 2014: Songezo Zibi

Business Day editor Songezo Zibi talks about his new book 'Raising the Bar’, in which he critiques South Africans and the people we’ve become, at the 2014 M&G Litfest.

Litfest 2014: Frans Cronje

Institute for Race Relations chief executive Frans Cronje talks about his new book 'A Time Traveller's Guide to Our Next Ten Years’ at the 2014 M&G Litfest.