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Meet the silent but dangerous pollutant on our block: E-waste

The rise of the IT age means hazardous materials from electronic devices are being released into the environment at an increasing rate.


The rural doctor who came home to live, love and heal

Which doctors want to work in the remote areas of South Africa? Mostly those who grew up there.


Xenophobia violates Health Act and migrants' rights to care

Refugees run the border crossing gauntlet of lions, rivers, rape and theft hoping for a better life.


When lightening strikes, it brings pale ailments

People who use creams to lighten their skin risk causing lasting damage to their bodies and nervous systems.


Analysis: Tempers flare at Dr Death hearing

A move to ban Wouter Basson from medicine has been met with a tongue-lashing from his lawyer.


Allay the dangers of maternity by honouring rural custom

Many women consult traditional healers, so it makes sense to enlist these cultural leaders in public health education.

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