Sean Christie

Zambia’s guardian is quite a guy

Sean Christie recalls a 2011 interview with new Zambian Interim President Guy Scott, a self-proclaimed do-gooder.

Remembering Zimbabwe’s great alien invasion

Twenty years ago, 62 pupils at Ariel School said they saw an alien spaceship. It's still regarded as one of the most compelling events in UFO history.

‘White gold’ leaves a dark stain in Lesotho

For some in the mountain kingdom, water is a curse that has washed away any chance of a good life.

On the road with heroin smugglers

After meeting a Tanzanian stowaway, Sean Christie gets caught up in a hair-raising heroin run from Dar es Salaam to Cape Town.

Zim’s futures follow current trends

The country's stock exchange is finally going to be automated, but that is no hedge against the uncertainty.

The Cape’s Adamastor gives kite-surfer kings wings

How Cape Town - with its "French Alps of wind" - became the hottest kite surfing destination in the world. Again.

Searching for the soul of the Jukskei

New-age explorer Sean Christie walked the length of the 50km Jukskei River in Johannesburg. Here he accounts for this foolishness.

The good, the bad and the Bosman

Herman Charles Bosman's colourful life story ?has been equally sanitised and sensationalised. The true story turns out to be rather well-hidden.

Zimbabwe’s forests are going up in smoke

The country's tobacco industry is recovering well – but at the expense of food and the environment.

Ten years of crazy fokken rock

Some things have changed for the alternative rockers in Fokofpolisiekar. Sean Christie finds out about the decade that was.

A tokoloshe ate my circulation but Gordin wants it back!

Sean Christie spent some time in the office of Daily Sun to establish what has changed since the death of its founder, Deon du Plessis.

Welcome to Zimbabwe’s new, old country clubs

The country’s once very colonial clubs have taken on a whole new meaning.

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