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JSE firm ahead of futures close-out

Nicole Rego

The JSE continued on its upward path by midday on Thursday, unaffected by surprisingly better PPI data but encouraged by the futures market close-out. By 1158am, the JSE's all-share index had improved 0,83%. The platinum mining index climbed 3%, and the gold mining index added 0,94%,

JSE dips further into the red

Nicole Rego

The JSE was lower at midday on Tuesday, playing catch-up after the public holiday on Monday when there was weakness in global equity markets. By 12.04pm, the JSE's all-share index had pulled back 2,38%. The gold mining index fell 3,31%, resources lost 3,21% and the platinum mining index gave up 3,16%.

JSE slowly lifts on back of BHP announcement

Nicole Rego

The JSE started to show a slight turnaround on Monday as a renewed announcement by BHP Billiton added some buying interest among resource stocks. By midday, the JSE's all-share index lifted 0,3% as resources collected 0,79%. However, the gold and platinum mining indices pulled back 0,91% and 1,4% respectively.

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