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Obama hunts for knock-out as fight turns ugly

Staff Reporter

It looked like yet another jubilant Barack Obama rally. The cavernous Indiana University sports hall in Bloomington jammed with thousands of supporters who stood in their seats and cheered deafeningly loudly. Ever since Obama launched his bid to become America's first ever black President 15 months ago, hundreds of cities and towns have seen the same huge rallies.

It's no beauty pageant

Staff Reporter

Funny, isn't it, how we have come this far in the United States election campaign, reaching the milestone of results from 24 states in the early hours of Wednesday morning, and still a mystery remains. What, exactly, do these warring candidates stand for?

Fresh 72-hour marathon faces Clinton and Obama

Staff Reporter

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will have no time to pause after yesterday's Super Tuesday performances before they head off into a fresh 72-hour marathon of coast-to-coast contests. Seven states are at stake, worth 467 delegates, almost a quarter of the 2025 delegates needed for eventual victory.