Jonathan Freedland

A mandate for all seasons?

Corbyn is making his mark on the UK's Labour Party, but he ignores its May disaster at his peril.

Boyhood: One boy’s life, from real to reel

In a world saturated by violence and sensation, true escape comes in Richard Linklater's moving film Boyhood.

Mandela: India shows there can be life beyond the great liberator

As South Africans contemplate their future after the death of Mandela, Jonathan Freedland says they could do worse than look to India for guidance.

No cure for America’s gun disease

The country stubbornly refuses to act despite multiple recent firearm-related massacres, writes Jonathan Freedland.

Acting on Syria has Obama torn

The US president stays true to his character as he vacillates over whether to attack the country.

Margaret Thatcher 1925 – 2013: Iron Lady recast as a saint

Tory hagiographers are intent on recasting the prime minister who divided Britain as a national hero, writes Jonathan Freedland.

Rightwingers on the rise in Israel

Ahead of elections in Israel, ultra-ultra-nationalists using overtly racist rhetoric are surging in the polls.

I stand with Mehdi Hasan against torrent of Islamophobic abuse

By all means, debate and disagree with me below the line. But no one should have to put up with vile racism and bigotry, writes Jonathan Freedland.

‘Military force has to be an option’ in Syria

The 2003 invasion has tainted the idea of liberal interventionism. But the people of Homs should not suffer because of that.

Abbas: ’63 years’ suffering — enough, enough’

Palestinians used the mechanics of diplomacy to grab a rare moment in the international sun, forcing the world to pay attention to their cause.

Where sleep steals your dreams

Its beauty is dazzling by day, but when the sun goes down New Zealand's seas and glittering skies are another world.

Goldstone reopens Pandora’s box

The judge's recent remarks about his finding against Israel highlight inherent bias at the UN.

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