Richard Ingham

New hope of medicine for Alzheimer’s

Scientists have made a breakthrough in their search for a drug for neurodegenerative diseases.

Landmark roadmap sets climate change course for 2015

After two and a half days of round-the-clock discussions at the end of COP17, global leaders have finally agreed on a course to fight climate change.

Aids: A tale of tragedy and hope

On June 5 1981 epidemiologists reported a baffling event: five young gay men in Los Angeles, all previously healthy, had fallen ill with pneumonia.

‘The world is free of rinderpest’

World farm monitors on Wednesday declared that a cattle-killing virus that has been a curse through the ages has been wiped out.

Lattice to replace chips in computers to come

For more than half a century, computers have been obeying "Moore's Law," a principle named after Gordon Moore, the co-founder of chip maker Intel.

Call for ICC to probe ‘Zanu-PF rape campaign’

The ICC must probe allegations that Robert Mugabe's youth militia launched a campaign of rape during 2008 elections, a campaign group has said.

Gel breakthrough lifts mood at Aids conference

A breakthrough test of a vaginal gel to protect women against HIV unleashed a wave of optimism at the world Aids conference on Tuesday.

Football’s just a game … isn’t it?

The World Cup's message is this: football is a vehicle of harmony, uniting nations under the banner of sport. What if the truth were not so pretty?.

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