Richard Ingham

New hope of medicine for Alzheimer’s

Scientists have made a breakthrough in their search for a drug for neurodegenerative diseases.

Landmark roadmap sets climate change course for 2015

After two and a half days of round-the-clock discussions at the end of COP17, global leaders have finally agreed on a course to fight climate change.

Aids: A tale of tragedy and hope

On June 5 1981 epidemiologists reported a baffling event: five young gay men in Los Angeles, all previously healthy, had fallen ill with pneumonia.

‘The world is free of rinderpest’

World farm monitors on Wednesday declared that a cattle-killing virus that has been a curse through the ages has been wiped out.

Lattice to replace chips in computers to come

For more than half a century, computers have been obeying "Moore's Law," a principle named after Gordon Moore, the co-founder of chip maker Intel.

Call for ICC to probe ‘Zanu-PF rape campaign’

The ICC must probe allegations that Robert Mugabe's youth militia launched a campaign of rape during 2008 elections, a campaign group has said.

Gel breakthrough lifts mood at Aids conference

A breakthrough test of a vaginal gel to protect women against HIV unleashed a wave of optimism at the world Aids conference on Tuesday.

Football’s just a game … isn’t it?

The World Cup's message is this: football is a vehicle of harmony, uniting nations under the banner of sport. What if the truth were not so pretty?.

Will our grandchildren revile the ‘lost decade’?

The first decade of the 21st century dawned with a global strategy to fight climate change but ended in chaos with the UN system in tatters.

Obama climate plan ‘rammed’ through

A UN conference has rammed through a battle plan against climate change by US President Barack Obama and other top leaders, sidelining smaller states.

Walkout heightens failure fears over climate summit

The UN climate summit hit major turbulence on Monday when developing nations walked out of key negotiations and China accused the West of trickery.

Crunch climate talks enter second week

The marathon United Nations climate summit entered its second week on Monday as environment ministers readied closed-door meetings.

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