Geoff Hill

China dominant in Djibouti port spat

There are only two sea routes linking Europe with East Africa and much of Asia. Either you sail around the Cape of Good Hope or through the Suez Canal

Africa braces for high-stakes Davos meet

Trump will be the star at Davos. Love or hate him, he's likely to be the only head of state whose speech will be broadcast on all the news channels

Washington seeks out like minds on climate change

Washington has spent the week seeking out like minds at a climate-change conference that ended last night in Germany.

Where to begin: Trump, the Paris Agreement and Africa’s poverty

Countries like the USA are expected to cut emissions now, while China can go on polluting until 2030, then trim its footprint

Wintertime and the livin’ is easy

Britain, Europe and the US are snuggling up to their carbon-emitting coal fires

​Curbing ‘big men’ may stem exodus

One of the reasons for Francophone Africa’s mass migration to France is leaders who refuse to go.

​There’s a crisis in our oceans, illegal fishing dwarfs ivory and rhino horn poaching

France, SA and Mozambique will give trawlers in the Mozambique Channel a harder time, but can they control the $23bn a year industry?

Buhari under siege on all fronts, only a year into his presidency

Economic woes and new calls for Biafran independence may signal the start of trouble in the country.

Nigeria’s president is beset by a civil war threat, a terror group and an economic crisis

The West is riding on the hope that the Nigerian leader will defeat Boko Haram and end corruption.

After Ebola, US spreads its bets over Africa

The superpower may expand its bootprint across the continent but it was the Ebola outbreak that sparked this latest move in its ‘war on terror’.

The double standards of African diplomacy

While the West and other observers are quick to condemn Robert Mugabe, they just as easily ignore the egregious abuses of power elsewhere.

Allies silent on Djibouti human rights abuses

Western nations won't intervene lest they upset a strategic partnership or usher in another despot.

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