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Kerry on Iran deal: US officials ‘have no illusions’ about risks

US Secretary of State John Kerry has sought to reassure sceptics in the US Congress who worry that Iran might not follow through on its obligations.

Obama seizes momentum to push economic agenda

Barack Obama has seized momentum to paint Republicans as the party of the rich to gain victories on priorities of a tax cut and a new regulator.

Obama offers $3-billion debt plan, tax hikes on rich

President Barack Obama laid out a $3-trillion plan to cut US deficits by raising taxes on the rich, but Republicans rejected it as a political stunt.

How Washington took the US to the brink and back

TheUS was headed toward an unprecedented default, and all Washington wanted to talk about was the manner in which the president had left a room.

United States debt talks hit the wall

Deficit reduction talks between President Barack Obama and Republican leaders ran into trouble on Sunday at a meeting marked by testy exchanges.

Obama aims to cut deficit by $4-trillion

President Barack Obama set a goal of cutting the US deficit by $4- trillion, plunging into the debate over the nation's fiscal woes.

Obama dazzles Democratic crowds, but is it enough?

President Barack Obama, dashing through the US West to campaign for endangered Democrats, proved he still has plenty of star power.

Obama seeks to rekindle enthusiasm of 2008 campaign

US President Barack Obama sought to recapture the magic of his 2008 campaign, holding a large rally in Ohio to help struggling Democratic candidates.

Obama to demand BP pay for oil spill damage

President Barack Obama, seeking to counter an image of detached leadership, will demand on Wednesday that BP set aside billions to pay for the spill.

Obama leadership on BP spill faces testing week

Obama's leadership of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill faces key tests this week as the US president gives his first national address on the disaster.

Obama tackles Wall Street reform in next big push

Fresh from his victory on landmark healthcare legislation, United States President Barack Obama is ready to take on Wall Street.

Obama vows to fight on after tough year

United States President Barack Obama pushed job creation to the top of his agenda on Wednesday and promised not to abandon his healthcare overhaul.

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