Will Dunham
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/ 15 February 2007

Aids virus weakness detected, could help vaccine

Scientists have captured an image of the Aids virus in a biological handshake with the immune cells it attacks, and said on Wednesday they hope this can help lead to a better vaccine against the incurable disease. They pinpointed a place on the outside of the human immunodeficiency virus that could be vulnerable to antibodies that could block it from infecting human cells.

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/ 2 December 2006

HIV drugs reaching more people as Aids Day marked

About 1,2-million people in countries hard hit by HIV/Aids are receiving life-extending drugs thanks to two major United States and international funds, double from a year ago, but many millions more need help, the funds said on Friday. The figures were announced on World Aids Day as activists around the world turned a spotlight on the scourge of Aids and pleaded for more action

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/ 21 November 2006

Altered cottonseed could feed millions

Scientists have found a way to use the cotton plant, long a source of fibre for clothing but inedible by humans, to feed potentially half a billion people a year. Plant biotechnologist Keerti Rathore and colleagues reported on Monday they have genetically altered the plant to reduce the levels of the toxic chemical gossypol.

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/ 13 October 2006

US finds no radiation in initial North Korea air sample

Initial tests of air samples taken by United States planes near North Korea found no evidence of radiation, but the US is not ready to declare that Pyongyang did not detonate a nuclear device, a US government intelligence official said on Friday. Monday’s announcement by North Korea that it had tested a nuclear bomb sharply escalated world concerns.