Tiger's homecoming

Staff Reporter

No one does casual understatement of other-worldly sporting achievement like Tiger Woods, but the world number one has surpassed even his own standards of quiet assertiveness.

Google's first shareholder meeting draws small crowd

Michael Liedtke

Google shareholders got a free lunch on Thursday at the online search engine leader's first annual meeting as a public company. There were plenty of leftovers. Fewer than 200 people attended the meeting at the company's Mountain View headquarters -- a high-tech mecca known as the "Googleplex."

Space shuttle ends mission with California landing

Gina Keating

United States space shuttle Atlantis landed at Edwards Air Force Base in California on Friday after a fiery descent through the Earth's atmosphere that capped a two-week mission to the International Space Station. The shuttle touched down at Edwards at 19.49pm GMT, shimmering in the heat and sending up a plume of brownish-gray dust.

Astronomer's three-star find

Staff Reporter

An astronomer has identified a planet with three suns far away in the galaxy -- the first of a class dubbed "Tatooine planets" after the home of Luke Skywalker, the young hero of the Star Wars films. The stars are about as close to each other as Saturn is to the sun.

Cheering fans greet acquitted Jackson at Neverland

Tim Molloy

A raucous welcome greeted Michael Jackson as he returned to his Neverland Ranch after being acquitted on all counts in his child molestation trial -- a victory that triggered jubilation among the pop star's fans and embarrassment for the district attorney's office. "All of us here and millions around the world love and support you," proclaimed a banner.

'Editing' technique can rewrite genes

Staff Reporter

Scientists have developed a potentially revolutionary technique to permanently rewrite any gene in the human body. The breakthrough brings hope to millions of people with genetic diseases but campaigners have warned that the technology could be abused by parents who want to alter the physical characteristics of their children after they are born.

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